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Trevor Greenfield

Hi, I'm Trevor Greenfield,

The whole purpose in putting this site together is to help you become successful in your business. I include hints and tips on all aspects of running a successful business online. I also provide links to products and services that I’ve used and continue to use in my business and I feel would be beneficial to you.

If you are not already a subscriber to my Trevor's Tips newsletter I urge you to subscribe now. It's fun, informative and free. Many people consider it one of their must read newsletters. The constant theme running through the newsletter is success – your success. That's my focus and has been since I started online way back in 1996.

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“Since I started working with Trevor his regular coaching advice has become such a part of my week that I’d be lost without it. I’ve learned so many things that have helped me get going online.” 

James Boleyn

Make money in retirement

I have been marketing online since 1996 and coaching my clients to develop their own online businesses for over 10 years. 

I currently live in Kidderminster in the United Kingdom where I run my business from a small local office. Unlike many people online these days who think they need to be pictured with a Ferrari parked on the drive of a mansion somewhere to make you think they're successful I'm almost the complete opposite.

I don't need or want to build a business where I'm earning millions of dollars a year. I can live a very comfortable life earning a lot less but with time to enjoy my lifestyle. Running a business that brings in millions of dollars a year is hard work and requires lots of staff.

Enjoying my life and helping as many people as I can to enjoy a similar lifestyle themselves is what's important to me. Being available to answer people's questions rather than hiding behind a massive support network is very important to me. Yes, I do have a support ticket system for those that would prefer to use it but I'm available via email as well.

I don't own a Ferrari and probably never will. I prefer something a lot more comfortable but whatever car I have you'll never see me posing next to it just to make me look good.

My Core Values

I believe our core values are the most important indicator of who we are. They underpin everything we do in life and in business. We cannot act in a way that is contrary to our core values, our system would not allow that and we wouldn’t feel comfortable with it either.My core values can be summarized as follows:

  • To be true to my beliefs in everything that I do
  • To respect all persons for who they are irrespective of creed, race, color and gender
  • To strive to provide quality information and valuable service in everything that I do
  • To always act with honesty, integrity and compassion
  • To always be approachable irrespective of my experience, wealth and social standing
  • To continue to learn and grow in order to provide the most current help and guidance

My Mission Statement

To provide the very best help, advice and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs based on my own knowledge and the knowledge of members of my company. To always act with the highest principles and code of practice putting my clients and colleagues interests and needs first.

My Vision

To be amongst the most respected providers of information on the Internet.

To build a growing list of entrepreneurs who with the benefit of our training courses, coaching and mentoring have become wildly successful in their own businesses.

To build an organisation that my successors will be proud to take forward to even greater heights.

If you'd like to get regular help and support from me just enter your details in the form on the home page and you'll be added to my Internet Cash Stream  Group.

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